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Manuel Kolloff
Manuel Kolloff

Now who’s the guy behind the NerdScaler Blog?

I work as a consultant for network-infrastructure and security with a strong focus on Citrix solutions.

During my career I’ve been at customers throughout the whole spectrum from SMEs to enterprise, finance and government customers in Germany and throughout Europe, spent some time in the Middle East working for Citrix Professional Services and gained a lot of experience with the Citrix networking portfolio.

Currently I’m based back home in Germany again working for Makro Factory, a Platinum Solution Advisor for Citrix.

While working with the Citrix solutions I’ve noticed and struggled with the lack of documentation and guides again and again. Especially when it comes to the more advanced features.

This raised the idea for the NerdScaler blog, to share my experience in straight-forward articles and sessions that go beyond the lacking documentation and superficial trainings out there.

I’m sure you will enjoy and benefit from my approach of sharing the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained over the last years!