NetScaler Enhanced Authentication Feedback throws Error Codes with RfWebUI Theme

NetScalers Enhanced Authentication Feedback is, despite being highly debatable from a security standpoint, a great feature in terms of usability.

Recently one of my customers had the requirement to enable it. But surprisingly we only received the error codes (4009, 4007, etc.) – not the error messages.

  • “4009” instead of “user unknown”
  • “4007” instead of “bad password”
  • etc.


What’s wrong? I knew I had seen this working in the past! And more important I was able to get it working in my lab environment just by the flip of the switch.

set aaa param -enableEnhancedAuthFeedback YES

I tried updates (12.0 to 12.0 latest, 12.0 to 12.1), re-import a fresh blank 12.1 VPX, recreate the custom theme, etc.

Long story short…

Turned out in the end the problem was with the classic authentication policies (i.e. “ns_true”) being used in conjunction with the RfWebUI theme.

The solution was to change them into advanced authentication policies (i.e. “true”)!

Knowing this I even found the matching CTX230677 but searching just for the error message I was never able to land at that article – hence I decided to briefly share the solution here.


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